Leaving Goodwin Hall

Aaaawwww... They even learned Danish... Sort of.

Lisbeth, Thanks so much for all the help you've given us this year! You have been one of the greatest R.A.'s and friends. I'm really going to miss you. I hope you have a great time at home with your family. I love you bunches! Love, Erika.

Lisbeth - We will miss you so much while you are gone, but we'll look forward to seeing you next year. You're really special - you have done an excellent job. We won't forget you! Take Care! love Anne.

Lisbeth, I'm so glad God brought you into my life. It's been great getting to know you. You're a wonderful R.A. & friend. Thanks for always being there when I needed to talk. Have a good time at home. I love you! Lori

Lisabeth, It's been so fun to get to know you. You have been someone that I can count on to always pray for me - thank you. We will miss you! Thank you for all the little things you do every day! Love you honey! I'm excited to work with you next year! Love to you in Jesus. God Bless. Tracey.

Lisbeth, I want to thank you for being so sweet at all times and keeping a smile on your. It meant a lot! Good luck! Tiffany

Lisbeth, thank you for all you have done for us. We love you and will miss you, take care. Love and Christ's Blessings Heather.

Lisbeth - Thank you so much for your love and support throughout this first year of adjustment. I know I won't be the only one who will miss you. I will always remember those excursions to Seaport Village. I love you, Lisbeth! --- Krysten.

Lisbeth - Thanks so much for all of your friendship. I'm so glad that we have gotten a chance to become friends! Thanks for everything. - I will really miss you. Have a great trip Love always Leanne

Lisbeth - It has been fun getting to know you. I'm going to miss you as our R.A. Love ya, Jell.

Lisbeth - It's been great getting to know you this year - you've been a great R.A. I'm sorry you are leaving, and look forward to seeing you again next year!! Love, Paula.

Lisbeth, thanks for being such a great friend, although we didn't become to close, I still feel your warmth and love. Have a great trip. Shalom

Lisbeth, I'm going to miss you. You've been Great. We must travel together sometime! I promise to keep in touch w/everyone next year and I will definitely come and visit. God bless you, love, Jessica

Lisbeth, Thank you so much for always being an encouragement to all of us. I will miss you and look forward to seeing you next year. God Bless, Michele.

Dearest Lisbeth, I just wanted to thank you for my first year at college, you made it special for me! Love and miss ya, Keri.

Lisbeth, Thank you so much for your loving words of support and care. I appreciate the times you let me slide w/my bike. Please write us, we all in D1 would love to know how your doing. I love you and you'll be in my prayers. See you next year. Christiane

Lizbeth - We sure have encountered some pretty interesting events this year. You know, there's a lot I'd like to say to you, but I feel someday we should talk in person. Anyway, computers was okay, but you went way above and beyond your call of duty!! You made us peons look bad. Well, say "HI" to OH-LAY! Have fun - & Honk if you are Danish! Mike's little girl.

Lizbeth - Your a great person and I'm really glad that you were an R.A. You made things a lot easier to bear. I'm gonna miss you lots. But we will see ya next fall. And cheer up! Everything will work out. Love ya lots, Darci.

Lisbeth, Thanks so much for always being here for us. I appreciate all the times you helped me & was concerned when I was sick. I could never tell when you were having a bad day because you always had a smile on your face. Take care, love Vanessa.

Lisbeth - Thanks for all you have done for us this year. You have made me feel special & loved. You warm smile & compassion was always felt & appreciated. Have a safe trip home and see you next year. Love Always, Stephanie.

Lisbeth, It was great getting to know you. Thanks for all the little things you do for us, and remembering us on holidays. That was the best thing. Take care always, you were a great R.A. Tracy

Lisbeth - I am very glad to have had you as an R.A. You were always there for us to take of us lil freshman or offer advice. The best of luck & wishes to you. I hope to see you next year! Sandi Cuevas.