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Star of India

Built as the "Euterpe" on the Isle of Man in November of 1863, this is the oldest sailingship that still sails. The "Euterpe" made six voyages between England and India, then sailed around the world 21 times in 25 years, bringing emigrants from England to New Zealand. In 1898 she was sold to American owners who renamed her "Star of India" in 1906. She was laid up in 1923 and became a museum ship in 1976.
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Dette skib, som er bygget som Euterpe" på Isle of Man i November 1863, er det ældeste sejlskib, der stadig sejler. Euterpe" foretog seks sørejser mellem England og Indien, og sejlede derefter verden rundt 21 gange i 25 år, hvor hun bragte emigranter fra England til New Zealand. I 1898 blev hun solgt til Amerikanske ejere, som omdøbte hende til "Star of India" i 1906. Hun blev tørlagt i 1923, og blev museumsskib i 1976.


































HMS. Surprise

This ship was originally the named the "HMS Rose", and was built in Canada in 1970 as a replica of the actual three-masted 28-gun frigate of the same name. The original was built for the Royal Navy in 1754 in Hull, England and sent to America in 1774 to control the smugglers circumventing the British blockade. In 1970 the replica was built for the Bicentennial from the blueprints of the original ship. In recent years the ship was bought by 20th Century Fox, renamed, and used for the filming of the movie "Master and Commander - The Far Side of the World," based on the novels of Patrick O'Brian.

Dette skib hed oprindelig "HMS Rose", og er bygget i Canada i 1970 som kopi af den virkelige tre-mastede 28-kanon fregat af samme navn. Det oprindelige skib blev bygget for den Kongelige Flåde i 1754 i Hull, England, og blev sendt til Amerika i 1774 for at holde de smuglere i ave, som omgik den britiske blokade. I 1970 blev kopien bygget for U. S. A's 200-års jubilæum ud fra det oprindelige skibs blåtryk. For nylig er skibet blevet købt af 20th Century Fox, omdøbt, og brugt til at filme "Master and Commander - The Far Side of the World," bygget over Patrick O'Brian's romaner.







Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery - Fort Rosecrans Militærkirkegård




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