October 14, 2006

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Dagens baghave:

Backyard of the Day:

Monarch Butterfly Program, Encinitas, California

The Monarch Butterfly Program and Vivarium is located at
450 Ocean View Avenue, Encinitas, San Diego County, California.

Telephone number 760-944-7113


Vi camperede udenfor Monarch Sommerfugle-programmet i Encinitas.

We day camped outside the Monarch Butterfly Program in Encinitas.



San Diego Amt har over 130 slags sommerfugle, flere end noget andet amerikansk amt. Vi har også USAs mindste sommerfugle, "Western Pygmy Blue", som måler 1½ cm fra vingespids til vingespids.

San Diego County has over 130 kinds of butterflies, more than any other county in the US. We also have America's smallest butterflies, "Western Pygmy Blue," with a wingspan of 0.62 inch.



Monarchlarverne ~ The monarch caterpillars




Pupperne ligner blade ~ Each crysalis looks like a leaf






Colias philodice sommerfugl ~ Clouded Sulphur Butterfly










Heliconius charitonius sommerfugl ~ Zebra Longwing Butterfly





Kæmpe swallowtail ~ Papilio cresphontes ~ Giant Swallowtail




Boondocking Information

The area around the Monarch Program is a difficult spot for day camping.
Most of the parking is street parking, so overnight camping may or may not be realistic.

Street parking in residential neighborhood
Butterfly museum open on Saturdays and by appointment

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