Brecknock Castle
Breconshire, Wales

Home of
William de Braos II

24 x Great-Grandfather of Wallace Joseph Jenkins



Ruins of Brecknock Castle



This Norman castle, also known as Brecon Castle, was built by Bernard de Neufmarche, after he conquered South Wales in 1093, and the town of Brecon grew up around it.
The earliest castle, a motte and bailey fortress, no longer stands. It was repeatedly enlarged and expanded, and the oldest parts of the castle now standing were erected in the 13th century.
According to Edward Parry of Christ College "there were two entrances as well as the postern gate. The main gate faced west and overlooked the Usk. It was approached across a drawbridge and probably guarded by two semi-circular towers and the usual great door and portcullis. From the town direction the castle was also guarded by a drawbridge on the site of the present bridge which crosses the Honddu. These gates were joined by the encircling curtain wail. which enclosed the whole area of the castle. Within these outer defences the most imposing building was the great Hall; this was the social centre of the castle and the Lordship where the Lords of Brecon held court when in the area. [...] There was a chapel, exchequer, kitchen, harness tower, stable and porter's chamber. The well was described as being 30 feet deep. These buildings suggest that the castle was more like a bustling town than the romantic, military fortress of imagination. People from the surrounding Lordship came to the courts held at the castle, they paid their dues to the exchequer, they pleaded for privileges or came with supplies of food, timber and other necessaries."
From Bernard de Neufmarche the castle was handed down to his daughter Sybil, through whom it passed to his grandson Henry FitzMiles of Brecknock and Gloucester, and then at his death to his nephew and closest heir William de Braos. The castle eventually descended to the Bohuns, then became property of the British Crown, until it was granted to the Stafford family, who became the last Lords of Brecon.



Brecon Town





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