April's Homepage

Welcome to my homepage.
My name is April and this is a picture of me.


This is when I went to Delgadillo's Snow Cap Diner
on old Highway 66 in Arizona.

If you want, you can read more about the fun we had here.

This is me and Belle Starr and her dog Chiquita.

I got to stay at her ranch, and there are lots more pictures here.


Pictures of me

See pictures of me when I was a kid growing up.

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See pictures from my trip to the Desert

See pictures from one of my trips to the Zoo.

See pictures of me in Old Town, San Diego.

See some other pictures of me and my family.

See some trips I've taken and places I've been.

My Crafts:

I make my own cards and call them
April Dawn

Things I like:


April's Reading Corner


~ Aaron Carter ~ ABBA ~ Angel ~

~ Ashley Simpson ~

~ Destiny's Child ~ Hilary Duff ~

~ Jennifer Lopez ~ Jessica Simpson ~

~ JoJo ~ Nicole C. Mullen ~

~ O-Town ~ Ramiyah ~ Shania Twain ~

Some Other Music I Like


~ Ahot Games ~ Cartoon Network ~

~ Crayola ~ Crazy Monkey Games ~

~ Disney ~ Fox Kids ~

~ Harry Potter ~ Ice Age ~

~ Nickelodeon ~

~ Rasmus Klump Games ~ Toon Town ~


Junie B. Jones

Fema for Kids

San Diego Zoo Panda Cam

When I got to meet Dr. Laura.

I like this Bible verse:

Jesus said "You are my friends if you obey me."

John 15:14.

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